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We offer professional and certified translation services from English to German and vice versa. Our range of services includes texts in all sorts of fields, from company websites to marketing materials, arts, and literature as well as legal documents. We have translated documents for a variety of bodies including academic institutions, law firms, non-governmental organizations, lifestyle magazines, as well as for private persons. We have helped private persons who need legal documents for professional purposes, for universities or for the courts, and offer certified translations of birth and marriage certificates, contracts, and diplomas, and any other document our customers may need.

Our main aim is to return your documents as a professional and accurate translation. To achieve this, it is necessary to grasp all linguistic nuances and the particular tone of a text. And of course, in today’s business world, deadlines are just as important. Our customers appreciate our timely responses and our guarantee to never miss a deadline.

Naturally, we also place great importance on the confidentiality and privacy of all your documents.


My name is Nadja Kutscher and I am a state-certified translator for the English language from German. I work as a professional freelance translator in Nuremberg, Germany.

I studied translation and interpretation from English to German and vice versa from 2005 to 2007 after completing a 2-year training to become a foreign language correspondent. I specialized mainly in humanities during my studies and also took classes in the translation of legal documents. I am now an accredited translator by Bamberg District Court for various legal documents including birth certificates, marriage certificates, clearance certificates and so on.

After my studies I moved to Belfast, Northern Ireland, where I lived and worked with people from many different countries. I therefore became more familiar with the Northern Irish accent as well as the American and British English dialects. I then returned to Germany to work as a translator for an international non-profit organization. In that capacity, I translated primarily scientific texts but also advertising materials and legal documents.

In 2013, I took the plunge and started working as a freelance translator. Since then, I have translated a variety of English and German documents. If you read German, please take a look at some customer ratings on our Facebook page. Besides my translation services, I finished my Master’s degree in political sciences in 2017 which means that I am also well experienced in working with political texts, particularly in the fields of human rights, the Middle East, and gender issues.

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